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Dry Rot occurs in buildings which are in disrepair.


When levels of moisture occur in buildings, causing timber to be wetted, Dry Rot can occur affecting timber in areas where there is poor ventilation.  This allows moisture to build up in timber to levels necessary for the propagation of fungal growth.


Conditions ripe for the propagation of Dry Rot can occur where property is suffering from rising dampness or rain penetration.


Suitable conditions can also occur where properties have been wetted by substantial penetrating dampness or flooding and where a major escape of water from a plumbing malfunction has occurred.


Unless the property is dried out properly conditions ripe for dry rot can occur.


Restoration Design Partnership can advise on how to eradicate Dry Rot from your property.


If you notice Dry Rot fruiting bodies in you property do not hesitate to give RDP Surveyors a call and we will be pleased to advise you on hoe to overcome the problem.

Dry Rot in a cellar

A Dry Rot fruiting body in a cellar.

Dry Rot in roof

A Dry Rot fruiting body in a roof space.