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Dilapidations Advice

When Leases come to an end landlords and/or tenants often require advice regarding an assessment of dilapidations liability.


Leases generally involve repairing covenants and obligations between landlords and tenants.


Restoration Design Partnership can provide mid-term advice on dilapidations for commercial tenancies relating to Wants of Repair.


On the termination of a Lease we can undertake inspections of the properties and produce detailed Reports and Schedules of Dilapidations, compliant with the Property Litigation Association Dilapidations protocol.


The PLA Dilapidations Protocol is the protocol accepted in disputes of this nature.


Paragraph 4 of the CPR Practice Direction on Protocols requires that parties to a dispute or a potential dispute should operate in accordance with the approved protocol.


Restoration Design Partnership will be able to offer advice and ensure that matters are handled in accordance with the appropriate protocol requirements.


If we can be of assistance we will be pleased to hear from you.


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