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Expert Witness Reports

Where building disputes arise or if you have been let down by inaccurate or unsatisfactory professional services by other surveyors, we can undertake an assessment of your problems and provide an independent Expert Witness Report.


The appointment and conduct of Expert Witnesses and Assessors is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules, Part 35.


We are fully conversant with the details and application of the Civil Procedure Rules and work to ensure that our reports are compliant with CPR, Part 35.


In essence Expert Witnesses and Assessors have a principal duty to the Judiciary to provide accurate, truthful, impartial reports, based upon facts and best professional practice.


This duty supersedes any responsibility which the Expert Witness or Assessor may have to those who issue instructions or by whom they are paid.


If you need Expert Advice with regard to a Building Dispute or Professional Negligence matter please contact us for free advice.