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Cavity Wall Insulation


Many tens of thousands of domestic properties have received retro-fitted Cavity Wall Insulation.


The obvious advantages are immediate savings on energy consumption and improved comfort levels for occupiers. Warmth in the winter and cooler in the summer.


However you need to be aware that not all cavity walls are suitable to receive cavity wall insulation


If the cavities are contaminated with debris before the installation of insulation, dampness can track across the cavity from the outside and result in damp patches to previusly dry internal wall surfaces.  Dampness can also appear at the base of the walls which can look like rising dampness.


It is the responsiblity of of the installing company to check that the walls are suitable to receive cavity wall insulation before it is installed.


If you notice problems after an installation of Cavity Insulation RDP Surveyors are able to invistigate and advise upon appropriate remedial work.  In most cases where we have undertaken such investigations for clients we have shown that the problems require attention by the installer at no cost the property owner.






When properties are inundated with flood water they require expert attention.


Restoration Design Partnership has the knowledge and expertise to organise

remedial work on behalf of property owners, for both residential and

commercial property.


Our services are nearly always funded 100% as part of the claim made against

your property Building Insurance Policy.  Insurance Policies normally include

for  Professional services necessarily incurred, although Loss Adjusters

appointed by the Insurance Companies often do not advise the insured of

this Policy provision.  Loss Adjusters often like to take control of a major loss claim, so that they can control and limit the extent of remedial

work.  If a property is not dried out properly Dry Rot can attack timber within the property, even many months after repairs have been completed.

See our Archive Page for more information.


When RDP surveyors are appointed by Property Owners to Project Manage necessary remedial works we will make an independant,

comprehensive assessment of the work which is actually required to properly reinstate and repair your property.


We can give free advice on managing your claim.


If you are worried about the repairs to your property give us a call and we will be pleased to provide you with impartial advice. Our intial advice

will be FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation.








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